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Unicorns - how we love thee!

​It is the start of the new year and I know many of you are diving straight into planning some type of celebration whether for yourself, a friend, your little one or your company. We all know the hardest part of planning any party is deciding on the theme and this year I have decided for you - 2017, the year of the Unicorn! Corporate, pool party, product or store launch, first birthday, it does not matter, unicorn is the theme for 2017. Why? 1. Because everyone all over social media says so. 2. Every person should get to wear a unicorn horn/outfit at least once in their lifetime. 3. Unicorn hair. 4. You can re-use the decor from event to event and that is good for the environment. 5. You get to float on one of those unicorn water floats if you have a pool or just sit around on them. 6. Cotton candy and sparkles. 7. So many shades and combination of pastel to play with your eyes could possibly start to see in shades of pastel forever - okay I am actually going to try that. 8. You can put glitter on everything. I mean everything. 9. Unicorn bark. 10. You get to spend hours an hours on Pinterest and Instagram deciding on exactly which design of unicorn cupcake, cake, invitation, biscuit is the most perfect for your party. 11.  People are making unicorn cake pops and they really are amazing. 12. They are also making unicorn donuts and that gives you a legitimate reason to have a donut. 13. Unicorns make people happy - that takes a lot of pressure of the planner - you are halfway to a succesfull party! 14. It looks pretty. 15. It is colorful. 16. It photographs really well. 17. I will publish your party on my blog if you do it really well. 18. Think pink drinks and milkshakes and bubbly with cotton candy. 19. You can make people feel good by putting up inspirational unicorn quotes everywhere. 20. It's a horse, with a horn, how cool is that?! Please see below a few of my favorite images from Pinterest, there are many, many, many more on my 'Unicorn' board, so go and have a look.  These images are not mine, and are linked to original source on Pinterest. HAVE FUN &WISHING EVERYONE A MAGICAL 2017!


Donuts, Macarons & Popsicles!

Did someone say cupcake?

Unicorn Cake Pops

Iced Biscuits

Unicorn Drinks

Fun decor & dress up

Unicorn thank you gift ideas

The Cake!!! 

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