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My favourite baby shower yet!

This was such a special celebration for me.  After three years of marriage, my hubby and I were blessed by falling pregnant with twin boys. As I am writing this, the two munschkins have arrived and they will be 8 weeks old this coming Sunday and they are just too beautiful for words.

What made this day so special for me is just seeing and experiencing how excited and happy all my friends and family was for us. I just felt so extremely loved, adored and indulged and that is something that I am so grateful for and will remember always.  

Even now when I potter around in the babes' room, and I see all the baby things and clothes, I am  amazed how spoiled the boys were.  I was literally showered with gifts and love, what more could any girl ask for?! Everything and everyone just made my heart swell with HAPPINESS. 

My shower was organised by my sister and two of my best friends. They got it so right!  There are few things that I enjoy more than an afternoon spent in the sun, bum on grass, yummy picnic spread and a cold glass of bubbly with a group of my besties. (Obviously I got the alcoholic-free kind)

And the theme? Bunnies, always bunnies for me. Paired with decor that was earthy and understated, I loved it. 

Some of my favourite details?

The canvas 'guest book' - where each guest had to leave a finger print, which now hangs in my baby room. 

The 'Milestone' wine tags.  Each guest had to bring a bottle of wine and attach a milestone card with a message.

The cheesecake! 

Enjoy the pictures, and download all the printables at the bottom of this post.

Download all the printable's used in this shower! 

***Printable's designed by Bunting & Blossoms

- Click to download the Milestone Wine Bottle Tags

- Click to download the Table Signs

- Click to download the Bunny Poster/ Canvas

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